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When I was a child, my mum always dressed me properly. She had this rule in which I couldn’t leave the house unless I was well-dressed (this rule still holds true until now!). Although I was the only daughter, my mum mostly picked casual outfits with almost the same models with my two younger brothers. I can say that she rarely dressed me in skirts! Not that I complained about it. Even though my mum is really good at sewing (we have an old-fashioned and a modern sewing machine at my parents’ house) and usually designs and sews clothes for the family, I unfortunately never share the same interest. Who would have thought that now fashion designing is very popular? 
A couple times I had opportunities to attend some fashion shows and seeing the designs worn by the models in catwalk was a very mind-blowing experience. The colours, patterns, fabrics, textures, and cuttings are united into one beautiful piece of work. You can tell much about the designers from the designs, especially their efforts to create such a design. Since then, fashion designing has gained my appreciation. 

Fashion designing is indeed a sought-after career nowadays. Many people go to great lengths to stand up and be known in this particular industry, but not everyone can climb the ladder of success. Those who pursue this career need to have a lot of skills: sketching, sewing, designing, a knowledge of the industry, and many more as being talented and creative itself is not enough. This is the main reason why many people enrol in a fashion designing college or school in order to help them to be a professional fashion designer. 
Last Tuesday, 31st October 2017 at Noble House Jakarta, I was grateful to be given the opportunity to meet Ririn Rinura, Indonesian fashion designer. Born in 1986, Arin Mu’min who is more well-known as Ririn Rinura started her fashion designing career in 2010. Since then she has gone a long way and captured the hearts of many fashion lovers not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries. Glamorous, elegant, feminine, yet still girly and colourful is the signature design of RINURA which can be seen in her cocktail dresses and evening gowns’ designs.  
Today, fashion industry is becoming one of the largest contributors in the growth of creative industry. Fashion now is not only seen as a business that puts creativity and beauty first, but it is also a business which can increase the income of those who work in the field. This growth in fashion business can be actualised through conservation, training, and marketing. As a designer, Ririn knows these three are essential in order to become a good and professional fashion designer since she experienced this first hand. She herself was once a student in Susan Budihardjo Fashion Design School in which she learnt a lot about the industry. Moreover, she also graduated from Yos Sudarso University majoring in Economic Commerce which helps her to understand about business world. 
After the success with Rinura Model Management and Rinura Fashion Designer label, RINURA School of Design was established in 2017 with a vision to create fashion industry people who are competent and professional. The school is open for everyone who wants to be a fashion designer with no age limit. 
What makes RINURA School of Design stand up among the other schools is course length. The school provides a 7-day short course programme in one month period. Although it is only for a week, hands-on practical knowledge and exposure to the industry are the key focus in RINURA School of Design. Students will learn all the basic about fashion designing, from History Fashion Design to Fashion Style. In addition, students are taught about the knowledge of the business and marketing aspects of the fashion world. Furthermore, students are encouraged to create a mini collection consisting of 3 designs and later will be presented at the end of the course. 
There are two classes offered in RINURA School of Design, Regular Class and Private Class. Besides short course, RINURA School of Design also hold one-day seminars regularly in which the participants will receive Fashion Designer Book, Fashion Designing Tools, Souvenirs, Coffee Break (twice), and lunch. To ensure that all students who study at RINURA School of Design get only the best, Ririn collaborates with a team of professional teachers/tutors, such as Aidil Akbar (financial advisor) for Business Fashion and Wawan Soeharto (Indonesian well-known choreographer) for Fashion Show Event. 
For those who join RINURA School of Design in Batch 1-3 will get a special price of IDR 14,000,000 (14 million rupiahs) for the 7-day short course programme. This is definitely a bargain especially for everyone who is pursuing a career in fashion designing.
Lastly, congratulations on the school, Ririn! We do hope this school can produce Indonesian talented young designers who create beautiful masterpieces and can compete with other fashion designers internationally. 
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24 thoughts on “Be a Professional Fashion Designer with RINURA School of Design”

  1. LOL same as you, I never share the same interest even though mum and grandma really have passionate in fashion. I never thought that fashion designing become more popular nowadays dan berasa nyesel kenapa nggak dari dulu belajarnya.

  2. Selamat buat Rinura School of Design, semoga dunia fashion Indonesia makin maju dan kreatif dengan kemunculan designer2 muda lulusan Rinura nanti, aamiin.

  3. Kalau bisa sekolah desain di Rinura rasanya eksklusif ya mbak Tya. Semua diprogram dg sangat baik dan terarah sehingga menghasilkan banyak perancang muda berbakat yg nantinya mampu go internasional. Anakku suka mengganbar nih. Siapa tau berminat juga. Tks infonya ya.

  4. school of design, wow thats great, because I believe many youngsters are eager to pursue their dream to become a fashion designer. Well, I hope someday RINURA also open class for graphic designer or manga class, I think my kids will be more enthusiast 😀 😀

  5. Aku juga selalu suka liat majalah fashion. Rasanya seneng aja kalau ada baju yang unik tapi memungkinkan untuk dipake entah buat event tertentu atau buat sehari-hari. Imajinasi desainernya sungguh membiusku.

  6. desainernya tahun lahirnya sama denganku. kwkwkwkwk..

    Tapi biaya masuk sekolahnya gak kuku.. hiks hiks.

    Semoga semakin banyak desainer desainer muda yang membuka sekolah/kelas khusus agar bisa regenerasi ya mak.

  7. Born in 1986???? Whoaaaaaa…. daebak!!!
    Rata2 org dulu punya msn jahit sendiri di rumah ya.. nenekku juga bisa jahit tuh mba. Nurun ke bude aku. Ya tapi cuma jahit gitu aja. Gak pake design2nan. Asal jahit aja. Modelnya juga ya gitu2 aja…
    Aku nih pengen nanti ngarahin anakku yg perempuan utk ke design aja.

  8. Baru minggu kmrin aku nanya temen tempat kursus menjahit, karna di daerahku masih jrang menggunakan istilah design atau designer. Karna entah knpa aku tiba2 tertarik untuk bisa mendesign pakaian sendiri, tp gak tau sama sekali ilmunya. Harus belajar banyak dr ririn rinura.

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