Bunny Lashes Valentine Giveaway – I’m the 2nd Winner!

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It’s been a very hectic week for me (don’t ask why) that I just have a little bit time to write a post about Bunny Lashes Valentine Giveaway.

For those of you who don’t know this brand yet, this product is AWESOME and 100% Indonesian brand (love your country, sista!). I knew this product from reviews I read on the internet and also from Instagram.

BunnyLashes adalah bulu mata premium buatan Indonesia. Dibuat dari 100%
human hair sehingga ringan saat digunakan. Setiap box berisikan 1 (satu)
pasang reusable bulu mata & lem.

Last month, Bunny Lashes held a Valentine Giveaway. At first, I wasn’t really interested because I was really busy at that time. Besides, I’m still an amateur when it comes to putting on makeup. I’m not really good, you know? Especially when I have to create one specific look. But my friend, Nuri, basically forced me (if you can’t say encourage) to join the giveaway. So, I gave it a try.

I made two entries for the giveaway, and here they are.

I didn’t expect much from this giveaway because when I checked the other contestants’ photos, their photos were waaay much better than mine. A week later, I got a notification from Bunny Lashes said that I was picked as the 2nd winner. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I won! Hurray!!

The giveaway gift arrived safely in my house last week (so sorry Bunny Lashes, I should’ve posted the give as soon as I received it). Here are the gifts I got from Bunny Lashes Valentine Giveaway

I  got NYX powder blush on in #Spice, Etude House Collagen Moist full skincare kit, and two pairs of  Bunny Lashes in #Carnation and #Periwinkle. Love all the gifts! I cannot wait to try them all! I’m totally in cloud nine with all these gifts since this is my first time being a winner of a makeup look contest. Thanks a bunch  Bunny Lashes for picking me as one of the winner! 
Anyway, I actually made another look for this giveaway but I decided not to put it as one of the entry at the very last minute. This photo was taken together with my handsome hubby.  The photo itself turned out to be hilarious (in my opinion) because my hubby wasn’t really good in front of the camera. LOL!
Lastly, many thanks to Bunny Lashes. I will definitely try them all and post my review soon on my blog. For you who want to try these cute lashes and buy them, you can order Bunny Lashes here:

Bunny Lashes
Instagram: @bunnylashes_id
Facebook: Bunny Lashes
LINE: bunnylashes_id
Thanks for reading! 

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