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Cerita Kehamilan Kedua: Random Pregnancy facts. Well, I can say that I am a proud mom-to-be. Being pregnant is a precious moment I will never forget. I believe all of you have the same opinion as me (even though you aren’t married yet). As I told you before, I’m expecting my second baby boy (YES! It’s a boy! Again) around mid-July. It means I only have about 2 weeks before the delivery and I have an urge to blab about my pregnancy. So, this it it! 


  • I didn’t realise I was pregnant until the baby was 12 weeks old! 
  • I checked my pregnancy twice using different brands and they failed! Even though I already gave 1 week gap between tests. 
  • The third time I checked, it was positive! Yeeeaaay!
  • I was reluctant to consult gynecologists in Depok since I don’t trust them so that I delayed having my pregnancy checked until I found a good gynecologist. 
  • My first visit to the gynecologist was a bit late. The baby was 16 weeks old. 
  • I did a lot of googling, reading reviews from other mothers about gynecologist in Depok. 
  • I finally found a good one and instantly fell in love with him (yap, the gynecologist is a male). 
  • I don’t experience any craving moments (my husband is very lucky to have me as his wife). 
  • I have no problem with eating nor anything unusual (like a temporary dislike of certain smells or things). 
  • I found out that the baby is a boy when the baby was 22 weeks old! The sex was as clear as the sky!
  • My husband was a bit disappointed (and jealous) when we saw the USG screen showing my baby’s face. It was because the baby has the same nose shape as mine, not his.
second pregnancy USG at the clinic
  • I am struggling not to gain too much weight for this pregnancy because I am already FAT!
  • The baby is definitely as active as his brother, Deniz. He kicks like a pro!
  • Deniz is super excited with the idea of being a big brother. Every day he asks about his baby brother’s cloth diapers.
  • I am determined to use 100% cloth diaper to the baby. Go Green!
pregnancy and cloth diapers to save environment.
These are some cloth diapers I have prepared.
  • I’ve been forcing my husband (and all my family members) to drink UC-1000 so that I can use the bottles for my breastmilk. So far I’ve got around 2 dozens of bottles.
  • When my pregnancy was around 30 weeks, I had a severe backache. My husband solved the problem by buying a stability ball. It helps a lot! (though we have to keep it away from Deniz).
  • Just like Deniz, the baby loves being in the classroom. He always responds by kicking my belly while I’m teaching, especially when I teach children classes. 
  • I basically don’t spend any money for clothes because the baby is going to wear Deniz’s baby clothes. I’m very grateful for that (well, you have to if you know the price of the baby clothes nowadays).
  • I am actually running out of time to wash all the baby’s clothes since there is a huge pile of them (yap, HUGE!).  
baby clothes and Deniz
  • It’s getting harder and harder to sleep at night. I keep tossing around the bed to find the comfortable position. I envy my husband and my son their peaceful sleep. 
  • During my pregnancy, one thing that can tick me off is the HEAT! That’s why my best friend during my pregnancy are ACs and fans. 
  • I’m also easily exhausted because I still do all my housework chores by myself and work full time. 
  • TBI Depok has literally killer stairs! Those stairs are extremely steep! Almost every day I drag myself two flights of stairs (the teacher’s room is on the 2nd floor) and feel utterly exhausted when I arrive on my desk. 
  • Our baby crib is the old-fashioned one, so there is no bed sheet suited it. Fortunately my mom is uber-creative. She sewed the bed sheet by herself and I couldn’t tear myself from it! It’s gorgeous!! 
    This is the bed sheet made by Nana 
  • Talking about the bed sheet, my husband sacrificed himself to go to Cipadu (it’s the place where you can buy bed sheet fabrics). The price was definitely cheap!
bed sheet from Cipadu
  • I and my husband finally decided to buy new washing machine as well since ours is badly broken. The first time we used it, I argued with him over the manual instructions. He read the manual in Bahasa and I read it in English. The English one is definitely the one with better explanation. 
washing machine with baby clothes setting

So far, those are my random facts, but the list is growing every day!

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