Cita Cinta Magazine Year End Quiz Gift finally arrived!

Last Saturday I got a very special surprise from Cita Cinta Magazine. It was a gift from Cita Cinta Year End Quiz that I won. Yippieeeee! Talking about the quiz, I remember the question was “What is my End of Year Resolution?” The quiz was in December 2014, before the New Year 2015. I was just pushing my luck on that day, typing the answer furiously on my Samsung Tab. I wasn’t expecting something because I rarely got lucky with those kinds of quizzes. So, I left it behind and tried to forget it.
The next day, I got a strong urge to check Cita Cinta’s FaceBook page and it was a shocking moment! I just couldn’t believe my eyes! I WON! CC picked my name for the winner of that day. 
Finally, after waiting for almost 2 months, the gift was finally arrived in my house safe and sound!. Let’s take a look of it…

Are you curious about the gift? Here we go!

Hurray! I’ve got bunch of great things from Cita Cinta Magazine! and colourful as well! I literally jumped up and down with all these excitements!

First, I got this beautiful pink fuschia fan, which is very useful in hot weather. I love the design that isn’t too much. It’s just awesome!

Next, I got a tote bag with a comic design. Although the colour white dominates the bag (fyi, I don’t really like white because it tends to get dirty easily), the bag looks great and very eye-catching. It also has a slogan printed on it “You’re The CEO of Your Life” that instantly boost your confidence and girl power.

Move on to the next gift, what I got are three clutches! Yes ladies! You ain’t wrong, there are three clutches in different colours! I guess Cita Cinta’s staffs are all psychics because somehow they know my taste of colour. Brilliant! Now I don’t have to worry where I should put my purse and my Tab when I hang out with my friends.

For the last gift, Cita Cinta Magazine gave me a nice notebook. I instantly fell in love with this notebook, the design screams ‘girl power’, ‘confident’ and ‘independent’. When I look at this notebook, there are some songs playing in my head, from ‘Miss Independent’ – NeYo to ‘We Run The World’ – Beyonce.

Then, on its first page I wrote my New Year Resolution. Hopefully I could fulfill all of them, especially number 1 *sigh*. All right, that’s a wrap! Again, thanks a bunch Cita Cinta Magazine for giving such a nice gift!


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