[HAUL] Makeup Revolution Haul Unwrapped!

Happy weekend, ladies!
Beware of racun makeup *makeup poison, that will blow your mind, ladies! 
At first, I had no idea about this Makeup Revolution brand until my beloved friend Manda (check her blog here!) told me about it. When she showed me the photos, I was captivated by them! I remember there was only one thing on my head: “I must get all of those!” We decided to order since they accept Paypal for the payment. Moreover, we ordered because Rhodri (he’s my colleague at TBI) was having his Christmas and New Year holiday in his hometown in King’s Lynn. It was such a coincidence! He agreed to bring the makeup all the way to Indonesia! Yeaaay! *big kisses and hugs for you, man!*
However, it was a bumpy road to order these babies. Gosh, Manda and I had to check on every single option we had to be able to order. We surely missed the Black Friday promo and the Christmas promo. We also had problem with the payment. Though they accept Paypal, apparently they don’t accept Indonesia Paypal account! It really sucks! We also had to deal with Rhodri’s address at the UK for the shipping (at that time, he was in Singapore to extend his visa in Indonesia). We were so desperate to have these makeup on our hands. Finally, after weeks trying so hard, God answered our prayers! Lemme tell you, It was extremely tiring! 
 I have to admit that this is the biggest haul from one brand I’ve ever done so far! so when Rhodri was back safe and sound in Indonesia this week and bring these babies to me, it was like heaven! I was really on cloud nine! Well, I AM still on cloud nine until now. ^.^ So, are you ready to see the babies??? Here we go!Oh, if you wanna see what Manda bought, check it here.

I read a lot of praise for Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic Palette that I decided to order two of 3 palettes they have. It is said that these Iconic Palettes 1-3 are the perfect dupe for UD Naked palettes 1-3. Wow! I instantly grabbed Iconic 1 and 2. Well, I was going to take all three, but I was running out of money at that time so I guess two were enough (sadly, it isn’t enough). Anyway, with only £4.00 each, which is super duper cheap, it is very hard not to be tempted.
The next palette is the the Acid Bright palette from the 12 Shade Palette collection. The colours are extremely bright and it really makes me happy just by looking at the colours! I can’t hardly wait to test and swatch these. Again, this palette only cost me £4.00, which is such a steal! 

From the lip collection, I bought this lip cream that has so many good reviews. It’s Ultra Velour Lip Cream in shade ‘Can’t We Just Make Love Instead’, a lip cream that has a matte finish and is comfortable to wear. The shade I picked was a nude pink colour which is wearable to any skin tones. Guess how much I paid for this? Only £3.00! 

Another lip product I bought is this #LIPHUG lipstick in ‘Love can set you free’. Again, I picked the neutral nude colour that is wearable. It is said that this lipstick is super-intensive, super-wearable, and super-hugable. The price for this is only £2.50! Such a bargain!

Next products on my stash are the brow kit! In Indonesia, these kinds of brow kit are a bit rare. The local cosmetics brands mostly have the eyebrow pencils ones, but not the kit. I personally prefer brow kit to pencil because it gives a natural finish, whilst using pencil can make your brows look fake (unless you’re kinda an expert). Makeup Revolution has many types of brow kit and I chose ‘I ♡ Makeup Brow Kit Bold is best’ and Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Medium. I was really excited with these two! Especially with the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint because it’s dupe-detected for MUFE Aqua Brow Kit.With only £3.00, you’ll never get disappointed. ^.^

Blush on was the last product I picked. Recently, I like using cream blush on. At home I have the one from e.l.f. and Oriflame which I love so much. When I bought this haul, this blush on had just been released. It’s ‘The ONE Fluid Blusher in Desire’. I picked this shade after reading so many UK bloggers reviewing it and most of them said that it’s a must-have product. With only £3.00, it’s a steal!

Last but not least, I got these for FREE! Yes ladies, when I ordered there was a promo for every purchase of minimum £30.00, Makeup Revolution would give 3 products from their ‘I ♡ Makeup’. What I got are one ‘You’re Gorgeous’ palette which has 33 matte and shimmer shades and two ‘WOW’ Lip gloss in ‘I woke up like this’ and ‘Supersonic’. I love how Makeup Revolution gives names to their products. It’s just brilliant and catchy!

There you go! My Makeup Revolution haul! Now I have to prepare myself to test all of these products I bought and review them.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy it!

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