How to look awesome in photos for plus size girls – Tips from Hazra Ngah #JMFWStory

Probably you all already know in some of my Instagram photos that a couple times I mentioned about body shaming. Apparently, some people find body shaming isn’t something cruel to say to others. Well, I am a living proof that even your closest family can do this. But enough about body shaming! If I keep dwelling on this, I won’t be able to focus on other positive things.

When I went to Jakarta Modest Fashion Week (JMFW) 2018, I met Hazra Ngah, a fashion photographer from Malaysia who was there as one of guest speakers for Fashion Photography Talkshow in JMFW Day 4. I can say I am so lucky to meet her because she is very kind and happily shares her tips on how to look awesome for all curvy girls in this world! So without further ado, here are some tips that Hazra shared to me. 

1. Know your angle

Do you take selfies? Have you ever thought about your angle? Whether you realise it or not, we do have our ‘signature’ angle. Either you slightly move your face to the left or right, or you unconsciously bend your head down a little bit. This so called ‘signature’ angle is an angle in which you are comfortable with and always gives you the best result in photos. 
I’ve browsed through all my selfies photos which both are taken from my phone and from my camera and I realised I do have a signature angle. Most of my photos with this angle look better than others taken with different angles. Of course, you may not see these other angles since I only put my best photos on my social media and my blog. So, have a look of your photo collections and discover your signature angle. 

2. Experiment with different poses

Even though I take loads of photos of myself, most of them are only head-and-shoulder photos. I rarely post body shots because I don’t feel comfortable. You may see some of my body shots on my Instagram (usually when I share my OOTD) but these photos are a result of labour work. My lovely husband (bless him) patiently snaps zillion times before I approve the photos. FYI, he’s actually good with the camera. It is me who have problem finding the right pose. At the end, I usually stick with my (again) so called signature pose: delicate hand around the face. 
As curvy girls, we have to go out of our comfort zone and try different poses. It might be uncomfortable at first and you may not like what you see on your photos. But hey, there is no harm in trying. You probably will find another poses you like which look good on you. Here are some poses you can try (this is taken from one of my favourite blogs, The Curvy Fashionista).

3. Choose your outfit wisely

One of the tips that Hazra shared during our short-but-meaningful chat was the importance of outfit. Wearing the right outfit will not only boost your confidence but also your photos as well. Hazra’s tips: Choose outer with accents on shoulders to give an illusion of slimmer upper arms. I can say that outer is Hazra’s favourite since she she wears this item of clothing on most of her photos in Instagram and she looks awesome to boot! Using accessories like belt can also help curvy girls to give ‘shape’ and I do this a lot.

A post shared by Hazra Ngah (@hazrangah) on Mar 27, 2018 at 2:42am PDT

4. Be confident

Last but not least, confidence is the key. No matter how good your poses are or how awesome your outfit is, your photos won’t have sparks if you aren’t confident. Just be who you are and enjoy all the process of taking photos. This is why I prefer having my photos taken by my closest people (e.g. my husband and my friends) because I know they won’t judge me and I can relax and have fun.

Tired faces but happy! Thanks for the chat Hazra Ngah!

I know you probably have read these tips somewhere on the net, but I do hope these tips will give you a better shove to look awesome in your photos. Big thanks to Hazra Ngah for all the tips and the boost of confidence. If you have more tips on how to look awesome in photos for plus size girls, drop your comments below and I would add them on the list. 
Thanks for reading and be awesome! 

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