Komunitas Make Up & Beauty Indonesia – First Gathering Regional Depok

 I’ve joined a beauty community called Komunitas Make Up & Beauty Indonesia on Facebook (check it here!) for a while and it’s such a fun to share thoughts and tips about make up and beauty stuffs online. Though we only communicate by chat or short messages, I feel like they are my real sisters where we can share every thing. Weird, huh? The truth is, I really can connect with some of the members and we end up sharing not only about makeup, but also about our life.
One of them who is really close with me is sista Shapie (don’t be surprised with her name. Her real name’s Fitri). We can chat for hours talking about stuffs, even rubbish! Surprisingly, we live in the same city, which is Depok. What a coincidence! This fact makes us closer than before. (later, I found out that she was paskibraka too, just like me! another strange coincidence!) 
So one day, we talked about the idea of having a gathering for other members who live in Depok. We believe that there must be girls in Depok who also a member of the community, so why don’t we gather and get to know each other? After discussing the idea, we decided to hold an informal gathering. Why informal? because it’s not officially from the administrators of the community and it’s only for those lived in Depok.Then, Shapie posted the idea on Facebook and we were so happy that we got good feedback. 
Finally, after weeks arranging the gathering, we met each other face to face last Sunday at Margo City Depok. Yeaaaay! I was so happy! It’s really nice to be able to put names on their faces since we only met online before. Actually, there were 12 members said that they could join the gathering but only 4 of us who really made it (Shapie, me, Cici Angie, and Nenty).
We didn’t have special agenda on that day because our main reason to meet each other is to get to know each other well.  I can say that I’m so grateful I can make new friends with same interests. Another thing that I love so much is we get along together, even though we only met for a short time. I found out so many interesting information about Cici Angie and Nenty whom I just met (well, I have met Shapie before so I’m not really surprised ^.^). They are as funny as clowns! I couldn’t stop laughing when Cici Angie shared her experience as a director’s secretary (do you know? she handles 7 directors at the same time!). I’ve never known life as a secretary could be so stressful yet hilarious! And there was Nenty, a mother of an elementary first grader, who always smiled even though her blouse was wet because of the rain. She is such an animated mom! especially when she told us the story behind her wet blouse. LOL ^.^ Another funny thing was the two of them complained of their teh tarik which tasted like ginger and cinnamon but they still finished it. 
Sadly, Shapie came really late, like 3 hours late. If anything was to blame, it was the traffic. She was as pretty as usual. After she came, we talked a bit about make up where Shapie taught me how to use highlighter (thanks for lending me The Balm Mary-Lou manizer and the Masami Shouko brush). Cici Angie also had a touch up session because her makeup was ruined by the rain and three of us (Shapie, Nenty, and me) were literally staring at her. Then, we tricked the Margo Platinum Screen security so that we could use the toilet there. We also had a short window shopping session and didn’t buy anything (we should arrange our next gathering right after the pay day T.T).
And here are photos taken on that day! 

Overall, I love you girls more in real life! Hopefully, we can meet again in the next gathering and other members who couldn’t make it on that day can come. 

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