My make-up pouch (bunch of stuff that keep me beautiful)

I’ve started putting on make-up since 2-3 years ago. Quite a shame for me because it’s a bit late. I haven’t got many experiences on make-up yet. It required lots of trial and error to find my personal make-up style. On the way through, I also tried lots of tiny items that make me pretty, crap that make my face like a drag queen, and even stuff which ruined my face. No offense >.<

Then, last night I got an idea to write about my make-up pouch. Yeah, I know it’s really not important (not as important as politics or the world’s crisis), but somehow I can’t leave my house without it. It doesn’t mean that I can’t live without my make-up on anyway, but still I need it because who knows?

Okay, let’s just cut the crap. During my quest for the most suitable make-up, I finally come to the finish line. Not really the finish line because maybe today or tomorrow I’ll find new stuff which is better than mine. However, up until now, I’m satisfied with what I’ve got in my make-up pouch. So, this is it!

1. Pixy Perfect Eyeliner – Black
This is my must-bring-and-put on item. I’ve just made the review too. The super jet black colour and its staying power make this tiny little item my fave!

2. Maybelline – The Magnum Volum’Express Waterproof mascara
Eyes are the window of the world. That’s what a wise person said. That’s why mascara is my second fave item in the pouch. Even though I’ve been wearing The Hypercurl Volum’Express Cat Eyes Waterproof mascara lately, I still need the Magnum for my lower eyelashes. 

3. Maybelline – The Hypercurl Volum’Express Cat Eyes Waterproof mascara
I bet most girls agree that Maybelline is the winner for its mascara line. I’ve never had any smudge or black eyes with it. I’ve also written a review about this one. The unique comb brush makes it easy to apply. Another plus is it’s also lengthen your lashes. I can rely on this whenever I need lush lashes. 

4. Viva Eyebrow pencil – Brown
When it comes to eyebrow pencil, Viva is the best (at least in Indonesia). I’ve never tried other eyebrow pencils because Viva always completes my make-up. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to wear. Just go to every single make-up store in Indonesia and you can find this product. Even my mom has been using this since she was a girl! 

5.Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble – Night Glow
I use this product only for the white colour one. I’m so sorry to say that this product is not really recommended (check my review for the reason). With the white eyeliner, I can make dramatic eyes like Korean girls. I only use it for my bottom lids. 

6. Max Factor – Miracle Touch Creamy Blush – 09 Murano
I’m a simple and practical person; and this blush suits me well. I needn’t bring any brushes to apply this blush-on. What I need is my fingertips. The colour is a very perfect match with my skin tone. Anyway, I rarely use this for my daily make-up and put this on only for several occasions

7. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick-750 Cinnamon Spell
Have I told you how I love Max Factor Lipstick? Before I know Max Factor, I used to have Maybelline lipstick (even though, it still gave me chapped lips). Then, whilst I was window shopping at the mall, I saw this product and its claim that it can cure chapped lips in 7 days. I bought the lipstick right away and it never disappoint me until now. 

8. Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick – 825 Pink Brandy
This is the second Max Factor lipstick I bought. I like this one more that the previous one. Its colour is cute and fresh. It suits me better. FYI, now I’ve never had chapped lips anymore. Thanks to Max Factor!

9.Kawijaya Skin Care – Active Face Powder
Even though I love Max Factor lipstick, I hate the foundation. If I hadn’t bought and worn the foundie, I wouldn’t have had a very bad skin irritation. Yep, that’s true. Because of the irritation, I had to visit the doctor at clinic. The doctor gave me prescription for this face powder to cure the irritation together with some pots of face cream. Now, the irritation has gone but I keep using the face powder. It’s light and transparent. Only one minus for this product, it doesn’t stay long especially when I have activities outdoor. 

10. Minuszero UV Sunblock All SPF 40 PA+++
It’s also another stuff doctor gave me to cure my irritation. It’s quite expensive (about Rp. 180.000/$18). The good side, it’s light and absorb really well on my skin, and it doesn’t make my face oily. 

11. Mascara brush
I guess it’s been in my make-up pouch for ever. I don’t remember where I bought this item and at first I didn’t know what I supposed to do with it. Then, when I start wearing mascara, it comes very handy to seperate my eyelashes. 

12.Perfume Refill non branded (CK Eternity Woman)

13. Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Film
This product is essential for my oily skin. Every time I need touch up, I will use this oil paper first to blot oil on my face. 

Well, that’s all girls! I hope you can find this useful. Thanks for reading ^.^


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