My new camera! NIKON Coolpix S2700 – small camera with great power!

As a narcissistic girl (ups, woman), having a camera is a must! I was born in a family where all my family members like taking pictures and having their pictures taken. Moreover, my daddy is a lecturer who sometimes teaches photography subject at his college. So, I can say being narcissistic is just like a faith.
Unfortunately, my hobby, which is having my pictures taken, was a little distracted since my old camera (it is SONY by the way) was broken. Its flash light went dead because of ??? (I don’t know why it’s broken). The quality of the pictures are actually okay as long as we take them outdoor. It will be a completely different story if you take pictures indoor or in a place with a low light, the pictures taken will always be dark. It was so annoying that I prefer taking pictures with my husband’s mobile phone than with it. Well, I could say that he wasn’t happy at all as I kept stealing his phone and used it to take pictures. He complained that I was the cause of its flat battery. What can I say? I can’t live without a camera…. 
Thank God, this month I got bonus from TBI because they said I was the best participant in GITE training. Yeeaaaay! With that bonus, I and my husband finally decided to buy a new camera. This time, we made a mental note not to buy Sony camera. No offense, but Sony camera is a piece of junk! After doing a little reseach on Google, we decided to pick either Canon PowerShoot A2500 or Nikon Coolpix S2700. We could’t choose right away because we didn’t want to make a decision without checking the cameras by our own eyes.
As I went to Carrefour ITC Depok to buy some vegetables last Friday, I bumped into the electronic section. They were having sale for most of the products that day. I checked the cameras and they were also on sale! I phoned my husband immediately and told him to pick me up so that we could go to Carrefour and check the cameras together. Later, we were comparing those two cameras; from price to features. Thanks to this site which was really helpful, providing detailed information for each camera and made us easy to decide. 
After a while, we finally ended with Nikon Coolpix S2700. Even though the price was slightly more expensive than Canon, but it has got more features than Canon. Luckily, it was also on sale so we got free memory card with 8 GB capacity and a bag of Nikon accessories (camera strap, small tripod, key chain, and lens cleaner). What a bargain!
Now, I’m still testing this Nikon camera because I haven’t got the opportunities to test all its features. You can see some pictures taken with this camera in my blog post about Hada Labo. You can also check some reviews I got from the internet here:
Nikon Coolpix S2700 Review 
So far, I love it! It’s small yet powerful!

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