My TNT (Tried and Tested) Basic Daily Skincare Routines!

Yeaaaay, after a week of torture, I finally have got enough time to update my blog. There are so many things I’d like to share to you girls. Anyway, last week I had to do a training in Kuningan which was so tiring since it took almost 3 hours to travel from Depok to Kuningan. Apart from that, I enjoyed the training so much because I can make new friends and learn a lot from my colleagues. This training, GITE (General Introduction of Teaching English), was held in TBI (The British Institute) Kuningan. Basically, this training is about how to teach English as a second language. I found out that this training was similar to teacher’s training conducted by ILP, which was my previous work place. The only difference was ILP conducts the training for the whole month, while TBI only for a week! But it was still a week of torture. The good news about this GITE training is because one of the tutor there said that I was the strongest in the class. Yeaaah! 
Okay, stop talking about the torturing week. As I told you, I’ve got many things to share and today I’m going to start with the most important ones which is the basic daily skin care routine. Shall we start?
I believe you all have known about my not-so-good experience with a brand which had caused irritation to my skin face so that i had to consult the doctor. Since then, I have been visiting the clinic religiously in order to maintain my skin. And yes of course, I have extra expenses of paying the treatment creams which cost a fortune! (well, once I spent almost half million rupiahs!). Lately, my schedule are quite tight so I can’t visit the doctor. As a result, my skin is getting dull, probably because I’m running out of the treatment creams.  
I think it is bad to be addicted to certain treatments from doctor. That is why I’ve been trying to find a right treatment for my skin using drugstore products for about three months. Well, I can say this journey wasn’t always smooth. I did have bad breakouts when I tried some products (fortunately I realized it soon enough to stop using them). At the end, I’ve got the right treatment for my skin. It feels like I had just found a treasure! 
So, these are my TNT (Tried and Tested) basic daily skincare routines!

1. Viva Green Tea Milk Cleanser and Toner 
What can I say? These two products are the best ever! I’ve tried so many cleansing products which are expensive but Viva has the best result. With less than IDR 5.000 for each product, I can have a very clean and smooth face. Its cleansing milk has a great texture to clean dirt, oil, and makeup  residue and its toner feels so good to freshen your face. I choose this variant because it is said that it’s suitable for oily and acne skin.
2. Wijaya Skincare Facial Wash Sensitive
This is the only product that I’m still using from the clinic. I like it because it’s perfume-free and colourless. Moreover, unlike most facial washes (especially drugstore products), it won’t give you a stiff face after using it. I also get a good bargain with this product because a bottle can last for a month and I share this with my husband! 
3. Gizi Super Cream
Another great local product! Just Google this product and you will find lots of Indonesian women share their good experience with this. I won’t say much about it now, but I want to tell you all that after using this product for a month, I have smoother and less-oily skin. Hell yeah! 
4. Vitacid 0,025% Retinoic Acid Cream
I got information about this product from my friend who has been struggling with acne since she was in junior high school. She said that her doctor gave her a prescription which this product was included there to help her fight the acne. I only use this when I have a breakout (which is quite rare) and when I have my period (usually I will have one or two acne during my period). 
5. Parasol Sunblock Cream SPF 33
Last but not least is this sunblock cream which is only around IDR 35.000. Even though the packaging is very boring, I still like this because it is produced by a well-known pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. I think it is not considered as makeup, but as a skincare product. Anyway, this product give me benefit than other similar products.
Well, that’s all girls! After I finish with those steps, I usually continue with my makeup routines (which will be discussed later in another post). I figure out by doing those steps, my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be and my skin feels moist and smooth. The most important thing is I spend less than IDR 100.000 for all my basic daily skincare products! 
Have you got same experience as me? Please do share, girls! 

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