New font and background image for my beloved blog!

It seems odd that I have time browsing the internet just to find a suitable background image for my blog, but I haven’t got time to write down any reviews. *sad face*
Anyway, I’m a moody person and I’ve had the previous background image for about 8 months. I think it’s about time to change it so that I have a fresh-looking blog. Hopefully it can boost my writing mood which seems a bit lazy lately (again, blame my gigantic college homework!). I also think that my previous blog font is too small. I have no idea why I chose that font since I, myself, am a very short-sighted. Even worse, I rarely wear my glasses as I hate how they make me dizzy. So, I choose a bigger and less curvy font. 
I can only hope by this changes, all readers feel more comfortable while reading my blog…. 
That’s all folks!

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