November Beauty Haul – Part 1

How’s life going, girls? Yesterday I went shopping with my husband at Margo City and Detos, Depok. At first, I didn’t plan to buy stuffs but I bumped into some cute things and I couldn’t resist myself not to buy them. LOL.
So, here are things I bought yesterday…

I bought these all, of course, with a purpose. Apparently, I ran out of body mist and perfumes. The last body mist I had at home was Playboy Play me sexy! The smell was sweet and fresh. I loved it  and finished it to the last spray but I wanted to try others (who knows I’d find one which smells good as well). Then, while I was window-shopping, one of the shop assistant sprayed me with the body mist. It wasn’t really bad, so I gave it a try. I was going to buy only one body mist but the shop assistant insisted me on buying a package of 3 body mists with a special price. Finally, I ended up buying the package. The good thing was I could choose the variant I like. So far, I like all the smell. 
FYI, the orange one smells exactly like Angel from Thierry Mugler! 

On the way home, I asked my husband to stop at the drugstore. Since I’m on a skin treatment using Vitacid (gonna tell you about this later), I must buy this sunblock. Actually, I can use other sunblock (I have Skin Aqua at home which I always use every day) but I feel more secure using Parasol. So, with IDR 48,000, I brought this sunblock home with me.

Lastly, I adopted this lipcream from NYX for IDR 95,000. Well, the price isn’t cheap, but the result is AWESOME! The creamy texture makes it really smooth on my (usually) dry lips. The colour is Stockholm, which is a nude colour, again. ^.^

That’s all folks! Hope you enjoy it and please wait for all the reviews. I cannot promise you much, but I’ll try to write the reviews as soon as possible…


3 thoughts on “November Beauty Haul – Part 1”

    1. hehehehehe….. itu namanya soft cream matte lipcream… swatch-nya kereeeen teh!

      Iya, itu nevada brand baju, cuma mereka ngeluarin body mist juga. Not bad laah…

      ikutan giveaway dooooong………. xixixixiix, tp belum sempet jawab pertanyaannya…

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