OOTD & MOTD Lazy Tuesday

 It’s a lazy Tuesday!
Wow, it’s been ages since the last time I posted my OOTD and MOTD. I do hope all my previous OOTDs and MOTDs can give you ideas on fashion, especially for you who are also wearing hijab. I’m not saying that I’m an expert in fashion thing. Mostly I get help from my best friend, Shapie. She is also a blogger and you can check her blog here. We’ve been doing a collaboration in fashion where she picks what I wear for the day and also what kind of makeup I should use. Hopefully we can post our collaboration posting ASAP.
Back to the OOTD and MOTD, I find it very difficult to make a post about OOTD because I need someone to take the photos. Thank God Abi, TBI’s office assistant, is good at taking photos so he’s been helping me with the photos. Now, here’s my OOTD and MOTD. 

Tuesday is my lazy day since I only have one class to teach and it’s at half past seven in the evening. I basically don’t have to come to the office early, but  I always come early to TBI to prepare the lesson. Because it’s my lazy day, I want to pick a very casual outfit for today. I pick my purple asymmetrical tunic, combined with black Gaudi outer (thanks to Shapie who is very generous giving me this outer), flowered leggings, and my favourite boots.

For the hijab, Shapie suggested I use the one in pink fuschia to balance the colour. I have to admit, this is a very good combination! It looks casual and fresh. Moreover, the most important thing is this outfit is very comfortable! Now let’s see my MOTD…

I think it’s the right time to test my latest lipcream haul from Sophie Paris. Here I’m using Sophie SMLC in Iris. I love the colour! It’s vibrant and girly. It also goes well with my overall look. I’m writing the full review on these SMLC Sophie Paris at the moment, so please be patient and wait for the post. ^.^ I don’t play with many colours for my eyes. I only use one cool purple-ish matte eyeshadow from Makeup Revolution You’re Gorgeous eyeshadow palette. Ohmigosh, I just realise that most of the products I use today haven’t been reviewed yet! I guess I need  to whip myself! 
Here’s the complete list of what I use for my MOTD
 Shizen Gokochi Facial Bar Soap in Charcoal (review on Green tea one here!)
Mazaya Anti Aging Cream (review here)
Parasol Sunblock (review here)
Pixy Radiant Finish Spot care beauty (review soon!)
Pixy Bright Fix BB Cream in Beige
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in Beige
Pixy Pure Finish compact Powder in Cream
Viva Queen Eye Base Gel
Makeup Revolution ‘You’re Gorgeous’ eyeshadow palette
Viva Queen Perfecting Liquid Liner in Black 
Landbis Eyebrow Gel in #02 Dark Brown
Ranee Eyeliner pencil in White
VIO White Miracle Illuminating Makeup Multi-Cream
ELF HD Blush in Superstar
Sophie Paris SMLC in Iris
What do you think of this look? Do you think I ace the look? Do you have any ideas of what I should
wear tomorrow? Please share your thoughts and comments about this post. See you in the next OOTD and MOTD post!

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