OOTD & MOTD – Wondrous Wednesday

Holla! I’m back with another MOTD and OOTD. 

Today’s weather was very cloudy with strong wind and it made me feel lazy to teach. The good thing, I got only one class to teach (it was a children class, though) and a feedback session with my adults class. Since the latter class would be a feedback session, I wanted to appear more formal than usual. Okay, don’t get me wrong, I do sometimes come to the office with a ready-to-hang-out look. It’s because here in TBI, there isn’t any specific rules of how to dress. So, as long as your clothes are appropriate, it’s fine. 
I decided today was the perfect day to wear my new shoes I bought online recently. The shoes are very formal yet stylish. I have to tell you, the last time I bought a new pair of shoes was a year ago. I always have problems when picking the right shoes. I have what you call ‘duck feet’ because they are wide, so it’s almost impossible to get the perfect shoes with the right size. Apparently, my shoe size is 40.5 or 8.5 in US. Here in Indonesia, most of the local brands don’t have that ‘half’ size. It’s really pain in the arse!

Back to the topic, the shoes are great, they are in the right size, and with a reasonable price. I didn’t ask for Shapie’s help this time (for you who don’t know yet, she is my friend who is an expert in fashion. You can check her blog here) and relied on my intuition only. I had to think hard and rummaged my wardrobe to find the right clothes. Here you go…

You ready? 

I chose my blue dress as the main item of my overall look and had it combined with my black jeggings. For the outer, I picked my basic black blazer. This blazer is just like my fairy God mother. Whenever I’m in doubt, I just pick this blazer, combine it with my maxi dress, and voila! I’m presentable. The shawl I wore today is also my favourite. The colours are just great and easy to mix and match with many different clothes.

As for the makeup, I’ve just realised that my signature look would be my winged eyeliner. I think winged eyeliner suits me well and give a sexy yet sophisticated look. Today, I used another SMLC from Sophie Paris in #Hera. It’s a fuchsia pink lipcream with blue undertone (I think). Review of all Sophie Paris SMLC will be posted soon! Anyway, please ignore those chubby cheeks….

Curious what products I used on this MOTD? Here are the list
 Shizen Gokochi Facial Bar Soap in Charcoal (review on Green tea one here!)
Mazaya Anti Aging Cream (review here)
Parasol Sunblock (review here)
Pixy Radiant Finish Spot care beauty (review soon!)
Pixy Bright Fix BB Cream in Beige
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer in Beige
Pixy Pure Finish compact Powder in Cream
Viva Queen Eye Base Gel
Makeup Revolution ‘You’re Gorgeous’ eyeshadow palette
Viva Queen Perfecting Liquid Liner in Black 
Landbis Eyebrow Gel in #02 Dark Brown
Ranee Eyeliner pencil in White
VIO White Miracle Illuminating Makeup Multi-Cream
ELF HD Blush in Superstar
Sophie Paris SMLC #Hera
What do you think of this look? Do you think I successfully get the right look even without asking my friend, Shapie? Do you have any ideas of what I should
wear tomorrow? Please share your thoughts and comments about this post. See you in the next OOTD and MOTD post!

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