Red My Lips Campaign 2015 – Be the Warrior to raise awareness about sexual violance

Welcome April!

The first day in April, which is widely known as April Mop, is usually celebrated by doing some pranks to others. Well, in Indonesia we actually don’t have that kind of culture though young people here start following and doing it. I personally loathe doing pranks since most of the pranks will lead to a problem. 
Since I am sometimes an anti mainstream person, this April I’m joining a campaign on raising awareness about sexual violence. This campaign is called ‘RED MY LIPS’. If you haven’t known yet, April is a Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this is why the campaign is held in this month.  My former teacher buddy, Sherly, invited me to join this campaign on Facebook a couple months ago. After reading its mission, I was looking forward to April to come. Finally, now it is officially April!
For you who are curious about this campaign, I will copy the campaign details taken from their website at
Imagine a world where we could stand together in
strength…instead of silence?

Red My Lips is an international nonprofit organization. We
run an annual global awareness campaign where our supporters (which we call
‘Warriors’) wear red lipstick all throughout April – Sexual Assault Awareness
Month – to raise awareness and funds. We use red lipstick to create visibility,
combat rape myths and victim-blaming, and demonstrate solidarity and support
for survivors.
Our mission is to transform our culture of sexual violence
by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing a global community to red their lips,
raise their voices, and create real change.

Why red lipstick?
One of the most pervasive myths about sexual violence is
that it is provoked by attraction or desire. Connected with this, victims are
often blamed, shamed, and forced to suffer in silence.

Given its connection with vibrant sexuality and attraction,
red lipstick seems a fitting weapon with which to combat these damaging myths
and victim-blaming attitudes. It gives supporters an easy (and safe) way to
stand together and make the bold statement that victims are NEVER responsible
for sexual violence. EVER.
Our Impact:
In just 2 years, our message has inspired hundreds of
thousands of people from nearly 100 countries. We have seen survivors share
their stories for the first time and release decades of shame and self-blame.
We have seen eyes open and minds change. We have seen silent bystanders evolve
into empowered warriors. We have seen outrage transform into action. We have
witnessed compassion, hope, and an overwhelming sense of support and strength.

Our Goal:
 Red My Lips is a startup nonprofit that (up until very
recently) was run solely on sweat, tears, and the simple belief that every
voice has power and real change is possible. But we’ve realized that in order
to accomplish our global mission, we need to build and develop Red My Lips as a
financially sustainable organization.

We are looking to raise $50,000 to help us to build our
infastracture, upgrade our technology, develop educational materials and kits,
support our outreach efforts, and cover operational costs.
What YOU Can Do:

  1. Wear red lipstick in April and speak out! 
  2. Share this campaign with your friends & family 
  3. Support our work by making a donation 
  4. Fundraise! 
At the moment, I am basically sorting out all my red lipsticks on my makeup stash and making a schedule which red lipstick for what days all April. Red your lips and SPEAK OUT LOUD to raise awareness about sexual violence. Sexual violence is NOT a WOMEN’S ISSUE. It is a HUMAN ISSUE. It affects us ALL. This isn’t a small deal, this is big! By being a warrior, we can support the victims and let other people know that we care. 
You can also share this campaign by downloading the flyers and spread them to others.
So, let’s start putting on red lipstick throughout April!
To support this campaign, I will post my collage of my photos using red lipsticks.
Download Flyers and SPEAK OUT LOUD!
Find out more about the campaign here:
Facebook: Red My LIps 2015
Have you red your lips? 

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