[REVIEW] Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask

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Today I wanna share my thought about another Daiso product. For those who have no idea what Daiso is, it is a Japanese cosmetic and skincare brand. It isn’t sold in Indonesia so you have to order it online if you want to buy. FYI, this is the second Daiso product I tried (for the first one, please click here!) So, is it as good as Daiso Natural Nose Pack? Here we go!

The main reason I bought this Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal is its colour. The black colour will make me easily check how much blackheads ripped off. Well, that’s the idea. What’s more, the reviews I’ve been reading said that this product is worth-trying. Now let’s see…
Again, I bought it for only IDR 38,000 (without shipping) online. Just like Daiso Natural Nose Pack, this one also comes in a tube package and it’s sealed inside so you know that the product is brand new.

This product claims that, with the power of charcoal, it could remove oils and all dirt and deeply cleans the pore,
leaving your skin cleaner with less visible pores. It also claims that it will make your face smooth and soft since it is
formulated with the natural ingredients from
Oak trees.

How about the texture? Well, it definitely isn’t as gluey as Daiso Nose Pack. It is more watery and runny. Moreover, it also has the same smell as Daiso Nose Pack, aka. just like glue, which is a bit annoying. Anyway, it claims that it 

My first attempt using this peel off mask wasn’t successful at all. I only put it onto my nose (I didn’t have nerves to put it overall my face). My first impression was it was hard to apply the product since it is a bit watery. It was a hard work to apply the product evenly on my nose because it keeps making holes (do you get what I mean?). Finally, after a while I could put a decent amount of it on my nose without any holes. 
Last night, I used this mask again all over my face. I still had the same problem as my first attempt, which was the annoying holes that kept appearing although I already put a glob of it. I gave up trying to cover the holes after 5 minutes without any success. This peel off mask completely dries after 10 minutes or so. What you have to bear in mind is you can’t even move your face/jaws when it dries. I was stuck while waiting the mask to dry. I couldn’t drink, eat, or laugh. It was such a torture when my husband told me a joke (which was very funny) but I was trying so hard not to laugh and break the mask.
The mask when it’s still wet. Can you see the holes on my face?
The mask when it’s completely dry. It’s so stiff that I can’t move my muscles!

Here are the results. Please hold your breath and prepare yourselves to see the most disgusting and annoying pictures of all. I won’t be responsible if you get sick after seeing them.Click on the picture to zoom it.

The blackheads and whiteheads on my chin. Yuck!
Here is the result on my left cheek. There are some blackheads and facial hair
The gross-est of all, my nose! Lots of blackheads!

Sooo gross! But it’s also satisfying to see all those stubborn blackheads got ripped off my face. After stripping the pore pack, my nose felt smooth and the pores looked
smaller. Then, I continued the treatment using my toner and

Compared to the Daiso Nose Pack (read the review HERE!), this one is better in terms of the convenience of seeing the blackheads since the mask is black. However, I hate the texture of the product which cannot be spread evenly on face.

So here’s my final verdict”

What I love about this product:
Easy to see the results since it’s black
Can be used all over your face
Quick result
Cheap, 1 tube could last for 2 months

What I don’t like about this product:
Smell horrible
Cannot be spread evenly on face
It’s not available in Indonesia, you have to buy it online
Overall rating:
I don’t think I will repurchase this peel off mask. Though I love seeing my blackheads from my face get ripped off, the texture is such a disappointment. How about you? Please leave your opinion on the comment box. 
Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Daiso Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask”

  1. Hi Tya! aku mau nanya kamu beli daiso charcoal peel ini dimana ya? di Indonesia ada yang jual gak yaa? makasih

    1. Hai! Aku waktu itu belinya di online shop. Kayanya ada beberapa online shop di indonesia yang jual kok. Kisaran harganya sekarang 40-50rban. Aku lupa beli di OLS yang mana tapi sempet lihat ada yang jual kok…..

  2. Halo dear, mau tanya, masker ini segelnya merekat kuat ga sih? Kok aku beli online segelnya kaya ga merekat gitu ya. Gampang dibuka. Terima kasih semoga dibalas 🙂

    1. Hai salam kenal ya Cirrus! Seingat aku sih segelnya kuat kok. Kuat dalam artian kelihatan kalau emang dia masih nempel sama lubang tube-nya, berasa kelepasnya gitu. Gimana ya jelasinnya? Hmm, bayangin ngelepasnya itu kaya ngelepas tutup-nya pop mie. Kurang lebih seperti itu ya dear.

      Semoga membantu yaa!

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