[REVIEW] Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask

If you have oily skin, raise your hand! 
If you are tired with your pimples, nod your head!
I’m going to help you end your skin’s misery with this product
You ready? 


I bumped into this product while I was doing my monthly shopping. I wasn’t really interested at that time since I’ve tried two of Himalaya Herbals’ products and I haven’t finished them yet. However, the Beauty Assistant of Himalaya Herbals kept forcing me to buy the products. Finally, I ended up with this mask product because I’ve never tried it yet.

All right, enough with the story. Now let’s see what this product claims. It claims that this mask could clean and reduce excess oil secretion on your face. Hmm, that’s interesting. It is also said that the mask is able to clean clogged pores and prevent the pimples. This is just ‘wow’. Here’s the complete information of the product, taken from its official website.
As you can see, the product comes in a tube package with a pop-up cap, which makes the application easier. At the back of it, the complete information is written in bahasa Indonesia, together with the ingredients and how to use it. Although other Himalaya Herbals products are formulated with no Paraben and SLS, this product surprisingly has both in its ingredients.
 When I saw the mask paste for the first time, it screamed the word ‘YUCK’ and ‘GROSS!’ Its greyish colour also added the grossness. The texture itself is just like a mud paste with a bit granules (or scrubs I have no idea!). Personally, the smell is too strong, especially when I put it on my face. The smell itself is almost the same as my other Himalaya Herbals products’.


Here are the photos of my face while using the mask. Please beware that the photos may look silly ^.^ The first photo was taken when the mask is still wet. I had no problem applying the mask using my fingers since it’s not sticky. As I told you before, the smell was so strong that I couldn’t smell anything beside it. The second photo shows my face when the mask was half dry and the last photo was when it was completely dry.
the mask is wet, half dry, and completely dry


 OMG! I looked so scary on those photos! When the mask was completely dry, it was a bit hard to speak. Then again, my husband came with a comment that made me laugh so loud. I just couldn’t hold my laugh! he said that my face looked exactly like Gorgom, the villain in Kamen Rider Black (Kesatria Baja Hitam) series. It was a superhero tv serial in the 1990s. How dare he! @#%$$$$** (please put any bad language there). If you have no idea what Gorgom looks like, this is the photo of them.
Back to the review, the mask will completely dry after 10-15 minutes (depending on how thick you put the product on your face). After it dries, clean your face with wet sponge or towel (or only using water is fine) and rinse it with cool water. This mask will give you maximum result if it is used regularly once a week.Now let’s see the result after I cleaned my face!
 My face looked super fresh and clean. It also felt smooth and soft that I couldn’t stop touching my face. It really helps reducing the oil on my face as well.  I can say that this product really proves its claims. By the way, while I was taking photos of myself on this mask, baby Zinan stole the tube! Waks! He almost ate it! Fortunately, my husband was there to save the tube/baby Zinan. Fyuuh…
And here is another photo I edited about Gorgom and the mask. The joke is in bahasa Indonesia (I cannot make it in English since it won’t be funny anymore). LOL!
Finally, this is my verdict:
What I love about this product:
Easy to use, no need blending
Reduce excess oil on face instantly
Makes skin smooth and soft
Prevent acne and pimples if use regularly
Cheap! only IDR 16,000 for 100g
Can be found in local stores
What I don’t like about this product:
the smell is to strong
Overall Rating:
Despite the strong smell, I give two thumbs up for this product. It really works well on my face, leaving a smooth and soft skin. The price also adds another plus point on my list. I really recommend this product for those with acne and oily face problem So, what do you think ladies? Would you give it a try?
Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask”

    1. It does give a tingling sensation (not burning though) when applied. But it lasts only for the first couple of minutes.

      However, if you have that burning sensation when applied, it could be because the product isn't suitable for your skin. Hope this can help. Thank you!

  1. i bought this few months ago but never use it. I'm about to try but still hesitating because of the smell ;( does it come out with some small bubbles when released from the tube? Just worried that mine might gone expired :p (it should be used within 6mos after opened, though the expired date is about next year).

    1. Hai Ajumi, sorry for late reply. Yes it does come out with some small bubbles but I think it's still okay to use. When did you buy it? The 6mos PAO starts when you open it. So if it's already past 6mo you better throw it away and buy the new one, just to be safe.

  2. beberapa temenku ada yang udah pernah cobain himalaya herbals purifying ini nih, aku sendiri belum cobain, padahal udah lumayan lama penasaran, nanti mau cobain beli aah hehehe

  3. Oh…kak Tya always make me feel happy when i read your blogpost.
    Like this…with those meme ’bout Gorgom, hehehe…

    Did Himalaya Neem Mask can reduce the white comedos?
    Thank you, sissy..

  4. I bought this product for sister and I know she loved it but until now I never use it for my daily routin skincare. Is it fix for all skin type? because my skin so sensitive so I have to becareful before put on my skin

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