[REVIEW] Laneige BB Cushion #Dark

Happy Tuesday, sista!
Last Friday, I bought Laneige BB Cushion in sample size. I would call this purchase as gambling since I never find Korean BB cream’s shade that matches perfectly with my skin tone. Well, let’s find out my opinion on this product. 
I bought this little cute Laneige BB Cushion sample size in one of online shop on Facebook (check the seller here). This Laneige BB Cushion is available in 3 different shades,  #light, #medium, and #dark. If you buy all shades, the package comes together with the puff. I only bought one shade so I didn’t get the puff. Never mind. I bought this for less than IDR 50,000. Ir’s totally worth-paying since the full size product costs around IDR 400,000.

When I opened it, I could see the sponge inside just like what you will see in every BB cushion. So cute! My first impression when I dabbed the sponge with my finger, I got quite much product.The cushion is interesting. You can control how much you BB cream you want. If you press hard, you’ll get a lot of cream. Lightly press it and only get a little. It’s an intriguing concept that I really enjoy. It  also means, though this is only a sample size, I believe it will last for more than 2 weeks (could be more depending on how often you use it).
Now, let’s check how this product works on my skin. Below is the picture of my hand using the product. On the left, I haven’t blend it where you can see a bit of the product. Then, on the right one, after blending,  the shade fits perfectly on my skin tone. You barely notice the difference between my skin with and without. It’s really just like my skin but better!
How this product works on my face? Let’s see. I only applied the product on my half left of my face so that you are able to see the difference. Before I applied it, I conditioned my face with my HG moisturizer (find out what my HG moisturizer here) and primer. Anyway, I applied it using my Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cushion. I think the puff is exactly the same with Laneige’s. Both indoor and outdoor, this Laneige BB Cushion works great! Though I only use small amount of the product, it is enough to make my skin looks flawless. I can say that this product gives light to medium coverage. It’s totally perfect for daily use. 
The high SPF 50 with broad spectrum is a real draw. You cannot leave your house without sun protection, especially when you live in tropical area, like Indonesia. Using this, I can skip my sunscreen on my makeup stages. Now let’s have a look on the overall result! 
These photos were taken at noon around 2 pm when the sun was shining brightly. After using Laneige BB Cushion, I use my loose powder using brush to keep it light. It leaves a natural finish that is neither heavy nor sticky. This BB Cushion also feels very cool when applied to your face. Not tingly cool, more of a refreshing cool, so it’s a good thing since Depok is very hot lately. 
Another plus point for this product is the staying power. At 9 pm, I took several photos of me still using the makeup and you can see that my face still looked fresh without a lot of mess. Well yes, you can see my face was a bit oily but it wasn’t that much. The longer I use this BB Cushion, the more it blends into my skin. I just love it!

There is only one problem. I don’t know how to keep this sample size from drying. I’m planning to put it in a jar, but there is still some cream in it. That’s why I only opened half of the lid. 
With all these great result, I would like to buy the full size one. However, it’s very pricey with IDR 400,000 for one BB cushion and one refill. I think I will just stick with the sample size. Are you ready for the final verdict? Here we go!
What I love about this product:
– Covers my imperfections
– Flawless and matte finished result
– Good staying power even though sweating
– Good oil control, lasts for 5-6 hours without touch up or blotting
– The shade fits perfectly with my skin tone
– High protection from sun
– Available in Indonesia
What I don’t like about this product:
– The full size is pricey (–_–“)
– High possibility to dry quickly because of the package
Overall rating:


2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Laneige BB Cushion #Dark”

  1. Apapun yg berbentuk Cushion aku blm pernah coba mba.. Kaya nya enak juga deh kalo bisa nyoba dalam bentuk sample gini.. Texture nya itu sama nggak sich sama BB cream??

    1. Teksturnya sih kurleb sama aja mbak sama BB cream, bedanya dia ditaro di cushion gitu, jadi aplikasinya pake puff khusus untuk bbc-nya. Kelebihannya sih dari sisi kepraktisannya yaa (kalo beli yang full size), karena kemasannya kaya compact powder. Selain itu aplikasinya juga simpel dan lebih irit dibandingkan kalo pake bbc yang biasa….

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