[REVIEW] Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner #Tangerine Orange & #Hot Pink

I’ve been looking for liquid eyeliner with other colours than black because I’m a bit bored with black and brown eyeliners. They’re just too mainstream! even though I still use black eyeliner everyday. Then, I read a blog which said that Maybelline has just released new product, which is liquid eyeliner. I’m suprised that Maybelline released them not only in black, but also other colours. There are five colours (if i’m not mistaken).This is the answer of my prayers!
So when I went to Margo City Depok last Friday, waiting for my husband for our date, I couldn’t help running to Maybelline booth and bought these two babies! Girls, let me introduce you to the latest product of Maybelline *drums roll please* 
Unfortunately, since these are new products so there isn’t any discount. I bought these with normal price which is 49.000 IDR (around $ 5.00) each. I don’t mind though because this is definitely the cheapest price for non-local brand which has coloured liquid eyeliner. These can be found in every store with Maybelline booth and also in some local cosmetic shops (like in ITC). However, in some cosmetic shops, they only sell the black ones. 
For 49.000 IDR, the package is quite small. I don’t know whether it’s a trend in eyeliner product or not, but I do realize nowadays there are many eyeliner products which have same packaging; not only imported brand, but also local brands. I have e.l.f Liquid Liner and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner which have got the exact packaging. While from local brand, you can see that La Tulipe Liquid Liner and Inez Fine Line Eyeliner also have same packaging.
Just like other Maybelline products, these are also wrapped in plastic which’s got information printed on it. Sadly, the information is quite important (distributor, manufacture date, expired date, and ingredients). I assume Maybelline do this because these eyeliners are so tiny that they haven’t got any areas where they can write down the information on the product. But hey, I’ve got no privilege to change this, have I?

The brush tip is sharp enough to make fine line. I n addition, I like the brush wand which isn’t long so that I can have a better and steady grip. The brush itself is soft and flexible. It’s a plus point because you don’t want to hurt your eye lines.

#Hot Pink

#Tangerine Orange

The texture of the eyeliner itself isn’t thick enough. I have problem when I applied it onto my eyes, I got some area which wasn’t covered with it. The solution is I have to reapply 2-3 times to make the colour pop on my eyes.

This is the moment we are waiting for! Let’s see the swatches! *please ignore the fake lashes since I didn’t put them on well*

What I love from these liners are the colours are so bold and make your eyes pop instantly! d^.^b
with #Tangerine Orange
with #Tangerine Orange
with #Hot Pink
with #Hot Pink

Maybelline is famous because most of their products are proven to be waterproof (even when you cry out all your tears) so I have high expectation on these babies. The result is…….

YES! They are waterproof! I tested them on my hand and let them dry. After a while, I put my hand under running water and they stayed still on my hand. Funny thing, I completely forgot to remove these liners on my hand and did my daily housework. At night, I realized they were still there! Great! I even tried to rub with my fingers but they didn’t fade or peel-off easily. Finally I used my make-up remover to erase the lines.When I tried it on my eyes, they stayed there for hours (I’ve got oily skin and do lots of outdoor activities)


I do love these eyeliners. I can skip my eyeshadows when I’m in a rush and just use these liners and my eyes will pop! It’s also proven to be waterproof (which is very important since you don’t want to have pink and orange smudge).

Will I purchase the other colours? Definitely YES! except the navy ones since it looks like black eyeliner.

I discovered that if I only use the eyeliner without bold and thick lashes, my eyes will appear dull and not bright.  To solve this problem, here are some tips you can do:
  • Apply mascara that lengthen your lashes and makes your lashes thick (I recommend Maybelline The Falsies, Maybelline The Magnum, and Relian Mascara). 
  • Or, use fake lashes to make your eyes pop. If you want, you can coat your lashes and the fake lashes with mascara too. (In those photos, I didn’t coat my lashes with mascara but only use fake lashes)


  • Bright colours!
  • Cheap (if compared with other brands, like PAC)
  • Easy to find (available in mostly every department stores that have Maybelline booth)
  • Waterproof and smudgeproof


  • Glossy result (for some people who don’t like glossy look, it will be a problem, but not for me ^.^)
  • The texture isn’t thick enough. You have to shake the bottle first.
  • it isn’t as cheap as the black ones (the black ones is only 35.000 IDR)

So, what do you think girls? Have you got the same opinion?
Please share your thought!

Thanks for reading!

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