[REVIEW] My Darling Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Today I had my usual visit to my regular cosmetic shop in ITC Depok. Yep, I couldn’t resist buying beauty stuffs. Again. I think I should blame my office and myself for being so close to ITC so that I always have an enormous urge to go there and shop. Huff. Fortunately, my hubby seems okay with my make-up fetish lately (yeah, he’s okay as long as I use my own money. Duh)
Actually, two days ago I already bought a liquid eyeliner (I’m going to post the review soon). But then today I ended up buying another liquid eyeliner. Again. I guess I’ll never stop buying eyeliners until I find my Holy Grail eyeliner. This eyeliner I bought is quite famous around beauty bloggers from Indonesia since it’s cheap and has a good quality. That’s one of the reason (read: excuse) why I bought this cute stuff. So please sit down, relax, and enjoy the review!

This item is definitely the cheapest in market! With only 10.000 IDR (about $1.00) you can adopt this baby. Most cosmetic shops sell this eyeliner. Funny thing, though, you won’t find it in big stores. Well, it’s better like that or else they’re going to raise its price.


For a cheap cosmetic, it doesn’t come in a cheap package. It is actually quite good since it’s packaged in a box (compared to other eyeliners where they usually only use plastic wrapping). The box’s made of thick glossy paper and it’s obvious that orange dominates the colour. On it we can find information about the eyeliner (manufacture date, expired date, manufacturer, ingredients, and instructions). It is also said that this eyeliner is available in 4 colours (black, blue, brown, and transparent). Fortunately, I’ve been searching all over places but could only find the black one (please do tell me if you find the other colours). 

Inside the box, the eyeliner sits nicely and safely. The eyeliner itself comes in black glossy plastic material with gold-coloured information printed on it. I love how they put the information there. It means that the manufacturer is responsible of what they sell. What I love more is the heart-shape cap. It’s definitely cute.


The brush handle is quite long which can be a problem for those who aren’t experienced using liquid eyeliner. However, the brush itself has good quality. It’s soft yet stiff enough to make a fine line on your eyes. The consistency of this eyeliner is quite watery where it takes more than 3 minutes to dry. These are pictures I took when I tested it on my hand.

left-right: First apply, after 3 minutes, after 5 minutes

It took more than 3 minutes to dry perfectly. I didn’t know whether I applied it too thick or it’s because of its consistency. However, the result is a black matte line, which I like so much since not many eyeliners give matte results (most of them are glossy-finished line which I don’t mind though).


left-right (up): under runny water, after I dabbed it with tissue, left-right (bottom): scrubbed with fingers, scrubbed harder  

After it dried, I ran water on my hand to test it. Under runny water, It didn’t fade or smudge. Then I dabbed it with paper tissue, the result was quite shocking since it didn’t smudge at all. Feeling more curious about this eyeliner, I scrubbed my hand lightly with my fingers. What happen was the eyeliner started to fade, but it still didn’t smudge. It fell into flakes. Last test, I scrubbed my hand harder and it faded, leaving a vague line on my hand.

So, I can conclude that this eyeliner is waterproof as long as you don’t scrub your eyes. Once you scrub your eyes, it will fall off into flakes. Thank God it’s only flakes without any smudge. I can’t imagine having black eyes as if someone has just punch them. >.<“

Overall, I like this eyeliner. It’s suitable for those who are practising applying liquid eyeliner and starting putting on make up. Its affordable price is great for those with low budget. I guess these are the reason why so many Indonesian girls love this baby so much.


  • Cheap! 
  • Matte-finished result d^.^b
  • Widely sold in every cosmetic shops.
  • Waterproof and smudgeproof (note: as long as you don’t rub your eyes)
  • Good brush
  • It’s got POM (it’s very important so we know it’s not fake/dangerous)


  •  The brush wand is too long (it’ll be quite difficult to apply for beginners)
  • It takes time to dry perfectly.
  • Can’t be found in big stores and drugstores.

6 thoughts on “[REVIEW] My Darling Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black”

  1. yang saya suka dari ini adalah aplikatornya mantaff !
    suka banget dengan aplikatornya, klo ketahanan sih klo di kucek2 juga bakal ilang kok :3

    1. Yaaaap! brush-nya emang oke banget. nggak kalah sama merek luar. Hehehe, you can't expect much from a 10.000 IDR eyeliner… kena gosok dikit juga ilang. Untungnya gak smudge ^.^

    1. nggak say. tapi dikeringinnya ditepuk2 gitu ya… kadang sih aku suka re-apply aja biar tetep eksis. Kadang yg suka rontok itu pas di wing-nya (aku suka bikin garis eyelinernya model si Adele sama Amy Winehouse)

    1. di ITC Depok, tokonya namanya toko FRANS atau nggak toko MAKE UP PRO. Aku cuma percaya dua toko itu aja. Kalo dari pintu masuk utama tinggal lurus aja. Toko Frans ada di sebelah kiri, dan toko Make up pro ada di kanan…

      happy hunting!

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