[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm – Fragrance-free

Gosh, this was the second baby I adopted today. I should make a mental note not to bring my purse to ITC. Otherwise I will keep adopting babies from cosmetic shops. Okay, I was hunting for nude lipstick when  I read some reviews about how good this lip balm is over the internet. I instantly made a note to buy this lip balm after I read the reviews. So, this is my short review of this product. Enjoy!
For those who aren’t familiar with this brand, SILKY GIRL is a brand from Malaysia. At first, I thought it was Indonesian since they have Gita Gutawa (teenage singer from Indonesia) as its brand ambassador. Later, I found out that it’s actually a Malaysian brand (yeah, I know, even though they keep stealing stuffs from my country, they produce really good make-up goods). This brand seems to target teenagers and women in their early 20s. It’s clear to see from their colour selections in each range of product. Lately, they’ve been expanding their products. One of those is this lip balm. It comes in 3 different variants, which are strawberry, cherry, and fragrance-free. Mine is the fragrance-free one.
This baby is definitely affordable where you can buy this lovely lip balm for only 20.000 IDR (around $1.50). The price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you buy it. I bought mine for 18.000 IDR in a local cosmetic store in Depok. This lip balm can be easily found in many stores and drugstores in Indonesia. 
At the very first time I saw the package, it reminded me of Japanese brands. The design seems familiar (don’t you think Koji Dolly Wink brand has a common in its design with this one?). However, I love the package. It looks cute, sweet, and fresh. It suits their market well. I know I’m not a teenager yet not in my early 20s, but hey, it doesn’t matter, does it? 
Just like other lip balms brand, this SILKY GIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm comes in a paper package with a plastic covering the lip balm. In its cover, it’s written 
  • colour-changable
  • Natural sheer pink colour
  • Moisturizes and soften lips

It’s also said that it could moisture your lips for 6 hours! Wow. I definitely need this lip balm if it says so. Mine comes in a fragrance-free because I don’t want useless ingredients in my make-up. At the back of the package, it’s written

A colourless lip balm that magically blooms into a subtle, natural pink when applied on lips. Specially formulated from natural ingredients to help lock in moisture for 6 hours, giving you soft and luscious lips. With antioxidant-rich Vitamin E to prevent against the harmful drying effect of the environment, as well as a luxurious blend of nourishing oils. 

Jojoba oil: A natural plant extract that effectively moisturizes and soften lips.
Shea Butter Oil: Helps to retain moisture and maintain skin’s elasticity.
Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil: An emollient to soften and smoothen lips. 


 This lip balm is magic! because the lip balm itself is colourless in the tube, but when you apply it to your lips, it gradually changes into a sheer pink colour, which is cute! LOL. When I first applied it onto my lips, I got a cool sensation (which could be a bit annoying if you apply it too much), as if you put cold ice on your lips. I suspect this cool sensation comes from the mentol as one of its ingredients. Another thing, you will have greasy lips when you apply it. I guess it’s because it contains various oil. However, I hate the greasy look. It looks as if I have just eaten oily food. 
Be careful not to apply more than once since the colour can be too pink, which is unnatural. Since I have pigmented lips, what I do is apply it only on my bottom lip and close both of my lips to transfer the lip balm onto my upper lip. I works well on me. Moreover, wait until the grease disappear from the lips (I’m not really patient so I just dab my lips with tissue). Then, you will have the natural sheer pink colour which is very nice. 
For me, it works just like lip tint. I like lip tint except that it makes my lips dry and chapped (even though I use the branded and expensive one). So this lip balm is really a magic when I don’t want to put on any make-up or when I want to have natural make-up. So far, this lip balm proves that it can keep my lips moist. I don’t really count how many hours until I felt my lips dry, but it’s not a big problem for me though.
These are pictures of me using this lip balm. What do you think?
Overall, I like this lip balm because not only it gives me natural pink lips, but also it’s quite cheap. Will I repurchase? Hmm, maybe. I’m planning on trying Maybelline Lip Balm which is also colour-changable. I will make up my mind after I compare both lip balms. 
  • Cheap! and cheap!
  • Gives me natural pink lips.
  • Can be found in almost every store.
  • Moist my lips more than 3 hours (maybe more, I don’t know)


  • Greasy 
  •  Gives you fail lips if you apply too much.
  • Cool sensation can be a bit annoying. 

9 thoughts on “[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Magic Pink Lip Balm – Fragrance-free”

  1. Bisa pink nature gitu ya di bibir..
    Mureee lagi.. Sudah pernsh coba baby lips nya maybellin mba?


    1. Baby lips udah cobain, cuma belum sempet bikin reviewnya aja… menurut aku bagus kok, cuma kalo baby lips nggak ada warnanya aja. Yang terbaru keluaran Maybelline itu Colour Blossom apa gitu deh (lupa namanya), modelnya kaya Magic Lip Balm ini juga, cuma belum beli…

      nanti deh kalo si Magic lip balm ini udah habis…. ^.^

    1. aku lip tint baru nyobain yang Tony Moly sama Etude, tapi hasilnya bikin bibirku tambah gersang kaya gurun. Mungkin karena aku nggak cocok kali yaa…

      makanya aku suka ini karena ini lip balm tp hasilnya kaya pake liptint… ^.^

    2. ga kok, emang semua liptint korea begitu
      emang bikin bibir jadi kering, siasati aja dengan pakai pelembab setelah/sebelum nya 😉

    3. hehehe, thanks tips-nya tapi aku pake lip tint-nya versi sample semua (gak yakin mau beli yang full size) jadi mungkin nanti kalo ada yang hibah lip tint ke aku bisa aku praktekkan tips-nya.

      Thanks! LOL

  2. wah sayang greasy ya mbak 🙁
    aku udah pernah coba yg maybelline dan menurutku lumayan bagus, nggak terlalu greasy kaya nivea (aku cuma pernah coba dua merk itu heehe)
    anyway I've nominated you for Liebster Award, please check here ya^^

    1. iya, menurut aku greasy-nya cukup mengganggu dan untuk keluar warna pinkish cantik itu lumayan lama. Too bad.

      Dulu pernah pake nivea juga sama vaseline, emang greasy tp ampuh banget buat ngatasin bibir kering kerontang waktu jaman kuliah. maklum sering naik turun gunung dan ke laut jadi kering banget.

      aduuuh, dirimu racun banget saay, aku jadi pingin beli si maybelline. Dia punya shade peach dan bagus banget di aku (nyobain tester di konter Maybelline)… Hiks….

  3. barusan pake silkygirl sekarang mbak , bagus banget emang. kemarin pake yang merk korea eh malah bikin bibir kering n gak pink alami. gak mau ganti deh yaaa, silkygirl bagus 🙂

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