[REVIEW – SPONSORED] Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap Green Tea

Holla everyone! 
After giving birth to my baby boy last week, I’m back with another review….
I had an opportunity to try a product I’ve never heard before. Well, I do know the brand but I have no idea that it’s got another range of skin care. It’s Shizen Gokochi Facial Soap from Cow Style. I got the soap around a month ago and I’ve been using it since then. Wanna know my opinion about this soap? Check this out….
Apparently, this product can be found in selected stores, such as Watson, Guardian, Metro and also in some online stores. The price is also varied depending on where you buy it. I got this soap from Kosmetik
Jepang Online
  Nihonmart where the price is IDR 65,000.

The packaging is simple yet sophisticated. I like the design which is eye-catching. Inside the package, you will get a facial soap and a lather up net. I will tell you later about the incredible lather up net, keep reading! 
Though the package is cute, all the writings are in Japanese so I have no idea what they say. Thank God at the back of the it, there is a sticker with the basic information in Bahasa Indonesia. Otherwise, it would take ages to translate (or to find someone to translate it).

Another important point is this soap has already got POM license so you don’t have to worry using it! It’s a huge plus point for me (well, you don’t wanna use a skincare product which isn’t licensed, do you?)

Hey! another plus point it the expired date is also printed there! 
I took the picture from the official website. It claims that the soap will remove dead cells and whitehead effectively and make your skin one tone lighter. All those claims are because of its main ingredient – which is natural green tea extract. 
Moreover, it contains seven (yap, seven girls!) elements of natural treatments that will moisture and improve your skin health. This is a diagram on how the product works on your skin.
This is the fun part of using the product! At first, I’m a bit skeptical about this soap because I’ve never used a bar soap as my facial soap (I always use facial foam to wash my face). I only use bar soap for body, but never for my face. I was thinking how to use this soap? Well, the product has an answer. There is a lather up net included in the package to help us use it. 
“Don’t judge the book by its cover”, that’s my impression about the net. It looks like an ordinary net (well, it is a net) and more like a laundry bag for me *ups*. What you have to do is to put the bar soap into the net, wet your hands, and rub the net.
Tadaaaa, after you rub the net with the soap, it will make rich and soft foam instantly! 

When I post this review, I have been using this soap for more than three weeks. I started using it around a week before I gave birth to my baby boy, so I can say that the product is safe for pregnant woman. I didn’t experience any purging or irritation while using it. 

What I like from the bar soap is the smell. I’m not really a fan of fragranced products, but the soap has different kind of smell. The green tea scent is not over the top. I kinda like it since it give a relaxing effect while I’m washing my face. So, only for this time, I have an exception for fragranced product. 

About all the things the product claims, I honestly don’t really pay attention, especially the one that said it can make your skin one tone brighter. I don’t see any significant change on my skin tone. However, I’m really surprised by the effects it gives on my skin. The first time I used it, I though it would make my skin dry and stiff. On the other hand, my skin was really moist and bouncy! I feel that my skin has improved a lot since I started using the soap. My skin now is less oily, with no blackheads and a small amount of  whiteheads. I also feel that my skin is smoother and my makeup stays longer. 

Talking about the price, I can say that it is quite cheap. Well, maybe at first you are reluctant to spend almost a hundred thousand rupiahs only for a bar of soap. But think about how long you can use it, it is cheap! As I told you I’ve been using it for almost a month but the soap doesn’t change much. I guess the soap can last for more than 2 months (btw, my husband is also washing his face with the soap). 

  • Cheap enough because you can use it for more than 2 months.
  • Give smooth and silky skin instantly.
  • Have a lot of fun with the creamy foam!
  • The lather up net is definitely the winner!
  • It doesn’t make your skin dry and stiff.
  • It’s fragranced but the smell is quite soft.
  • Only available in some stores and online shops.
  • Doesn’t make my skin one tone brighter, but I don’t mind ^.^
Will I repurchase this soap? Since I also have another variant of this soap (the charcoal one) that I haven’t tried yet, I think I will use the green tea one until it’s ran out and then use the charcoal (hope I can write a comparison review of those soaps). 

That’s all folks!
Have you tried this soap? Lemme know about your opinion and do not hesitate to write comment on this post!

Luv you! xoxo

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