[SPONSORED REVIEW] Bless Healthy Glow Foundation #Beige

Assalamualaikum, beautiful!

In this post I will give you my full review on Bless Cosmetic’s latest product, which is Bless Healthy Glow Foundation. For you who aren’t familiar with this brand, Bless Cosmetic is a local brand. Yap, it is truly originally from Indonesia. The brand itself was developed by a dermatologist, Alm Dr. Utama Widjaja Sp.KK in 1970,  who was concerned with the health of Indonesian women’s skin. You can read more about their brand’s history and mission on the official website. 

Bless Cosmetic was really generous by sending me their latest product. I was also surprised that they did not only send the foundation, but also along with their other products. Yeeeaay! So happy! Bless also gave me a nice note written on a cute card. I felt so honoured that they really appreciate me as a blogger. Thank you!

Now back to the review. Before Bless Cosmetic sent me their product, I actually already had and used it. Let’s take a look on its claim.

Bless Healthy Glow Foundation paduan skin care, make-up dan sunscreen dalam satu langkah. Mengandung tabir surya, melembabkan kulit, meratakan warna kulit dan menyamarkan noda sehingga kulit tampak halus dan bercahaya. Bless Healthy Glow Foundation menyamarkan kerut-kerut halus di wajah, dan membuat wajah tampak lebih mulus dan tampak muda. Formulanya yang ringan dan tidak mengandung parfum (fragrance free) membuat produk ini cocok untuk semua jenis kulit termasuk kulit sensitif. 

Price: IDR 77,000 (vary in every store)

Where to buy: Guardian, Century, Watson, Bless website, Cosmetic shop

Netto: 35 gram

Before we discuss more on the claims mentioned, I will discuss about the packaging of this product. Bless Healthy Glow Foundation comes in a tube package with a cap, which is nice because I needn’t worry I will lose the cap ( _ _!). Sadly, the hole inside is too big that I keep squeezing too much product. You can see it is such a mess! 
The good thing about the packaging is that Bless writes down every single information on its box. At the back of the box, you can find information about the foundation, the colour shade, expired date, and instruction how to use it. Moreover, the box is sealed with hard plastic so that you know it is brand new. 
 On the other side of the box, we can read the ingredients of this product.

Now let’s go to the serious part. When Bless Cosmetic contacted me, they nicely asked me which colour shade I wanted to review. FYI, Bless Healthy Glow Foundation is available in two shades, #natural and #beige. I picked the beige ones since I’ve got medium beige skin tone (I guess my skin tone is NC 25-30).  I’m happy that I picked the right shade for my skin tone. Here are photos of the swatches on my hand. If you want to see the photos in detail, you can click the photos to enlarge them. 

As you can see, the foundation blends perfectly on my hand. It really matches my skin tone! When I tried it on my face, it felt smooth and light (not like other foundation which makes your face looks like a mask). It doesn’t contain any perfume too, which I love so much because sometimes perfume/fragrance can irritate your skin. These are the photos when the product is applied onto my face. 
Wow! Can you see the difference? My face before has some blemishes and uneven skin tone (and a bit reddish in certain areas), but after I put on the foundation, it blurs my imperfections and smooths my skin as well. This foundation has a light-medium coverage so that you still need concealer to help you conceal stubborn dark spots. For me, this foundation doesn’t leave white cast on my face and it doesn’t make my skin more oily after applying it. Though after a couple of hours (2-3 hours), my face will look a bit oily. Well, this product doesn’t have an oil-control formula. Some friends of mine reported that they had bad experiences with this foundie (leaving white cast and make their skin more oily than before). Again, this review is based on my personal experience and the result may vary on different people.
my face after applying the product
Are you ready for the overall look using Bless Healthy Glow Foundation? Here we go!

I love the result! It really makes my skin glows and looks healthy too! I didn’t edit my face at all on the photos I took for this review. I relied on the lightning and the sunlight only. It means you can trust me that I am being honest when trying and giving a review of the product. Another thing that I like about this foundation is it doesn’t feel sticky on my face. It also doesn’t oxidize as well.
Finally, here are my final verdict! 
What I like about this foundation:
 The shade matches my skin tone perfectly!
It gives a healthy and glowing look skin.
Fragrance free.
It successfully blurs skin imperfections.
Suitable for those with sensitive skin.
It’s 100% Indonesian Brand.

What I don’t like about this foundation:
A bit pricey for a 35-gram product.
It has UV protection, but there isn’t any information about the SPF.
 There are only two shades available (#natural and #beige)
It doesn’t have an oil-control formula

Overall Rating:

This foundation would get a perfect rating if only they reduced the price. I find this product a bit pricey compared to other brands. However, I do love the result and Bless Healthy Glow Foundation is now my one of my favourite foundations (though I haven’t been able to announce it as my HG foundation). The product blends smoothly on my face and really gives a healthy look.
Have you tried this product? What’s your opinion about it? Please kindly share your experience using this product on the comments. 
See you soon!

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