TBI Depok Halloween Party 2013

Happy Halloween! 
TBI Depok held a halloween party last friday on 1st of November 2013 for all its students, parents, and teachers. We (especially I) had tons of fun on that day! The students put a lot of effort on their costumes. You can see it from the photos. Their costumes were great! 
Talking about costume, actually I was going to be the little red riding hood, but because the stupid tailor forgot to sew my hood *that’s the most important part of the costume* I finally ended up being a gipsy woman. Well, the idea popped out of my head exactly 2 hours before I left my house. I basically dug my wardrobe to find anything suitable to be a gipsy. At the end, I wore my purple skirt, my pink batwing top, and all my accessories. Huff…. 

Okaaay, that wasn’t the story I wanted to tell you (well, actually it was. I blew my top about the tailor!). I wanted to share how happy and exciting the students were when we had the party. Moreover, I’d like you to see my creation *huh* as in my make-up creation. How so? There is Yuli, one of our Student Advisor who had no idea of Halloween make-up (I second that..), so she asked me to do her make-up. I was on cloud nine when she asked me! It gave me an opportunity to practice my skill.
I didn’t do much to her face since she kept grumbling on how she never puts on any make-up. What I did was applying my Revlon PhotoReady foundation, black and grey eyeshadows, red lipstick, and black, bold eyeliner.  Here was the result of her make-up. ^.^
Here are others photos during the party!
Miss Indy, Mariyam, and Yuli
The photo on the left was a photo of Miss Indy as a gypsy woman, Mariyam as a scary Pinocchio,  and Yuli as a Persian Princess (I guess). I know, Miss Indy and I were wearing the same costume. I didn’t blame miss Indy anyway. It was totally the unpredictable thing that happened. T.T (hope she didn’t mind that I wore the same costume).
 Then we had some photos of students who were dressed up as ghosts, monsters, and princesses.
This was Kevin as a ghost from Scream film. He was also the first winner of The Best Costumes
Some students from Sunshine Coast class

 Before the party, Victor and I had classes to teach. They were children classes. Even before the party started, they had dressed up as princesses, fairies, ghosts, witches, and zombie!

Here were students from classes before we had the party.
Did I tell you that I took Deniz to the office that day? It meant that he had to dress up for the party as well. However, Deniz, as little rascal as he could be, didn’t want to dress up as a monster or ghost. He said that he was a good boy (what?!) and he wanted to be a doctor just like Doctor McStuffin, a cartoon series from Disney Junior. So, here he was, dressed as a doctor.
Vinny and Deniz!

 Finally, we called it a day! After all students went home, we had a photo session. You can see from the photo that Mariyam was definitely the scariest of all while Uci was the cutest since she was pretending to be cat woman. LOL.

That’s a wrap! see you next Halloween!

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