[HAUL] Today’s Beauty Haul at Guardian Grand Indonesia

There is one thing that can make a woman happy… Yap, shopping it is! Especially when you are buying makeup and beauty stuffs. It will really make my day, just like today. After attending +Kawaii Beauty Japan Blogger Gathering last Saturday, I went to Grand Indonesia to have dinner with my husband. 
After our meal, I passed Guardian store and noticed that they had special weekend promo. Some products were on sale and some were in a promo +1,000 and get 1 free. Without further ado, here are the beauty products I bought. 

The first item that caught my eyes was Probio-C Facial Spray. Why? Because it was one of the item with the promo add IDR 1,000 for two items. The price was IDR 82,000, and I added another one thousand, so the price was IDR 83,000 but I got two! Yeaaay, what a deal! I am so eager to try this because some of my bblogger friends have reviewed it and they like the product. Review soon on my blog, sista!

Next is the fake eyelashes. Since Nuri (she’s the co-owner of Bunny Lashes, a local lashes brand that is so awesome!) introduced me to the power of lashes, I’m becoming a bit obsessed with the lashes. It is true that by only putting fake lashes (with the right style/variant) your eyes will pop and shine. At Guardian, Deyeko Lashes was having a sale on its products. The lashes I bought was the ‘Angel Series’ one, in natural volume and lengthening. I think they look natural so that they are wearable enough. Ups, almost forget, the normal price for the lashes is IDR 55,000, but I got it for IDR 25,000 each. What a bargain!

The last product I bought was a pill case. I actually had one just like this but Deniz lost it somewhere in the house and I couldn’t find it. So to spare the hurry-scurry, I decided to buy another one. The pink colour looks lovely! A pill case is very important to me because I’m such a clumsy person and easily to forget things, especially my meds.

That’s a wrap, ladies! I’m hoping I can review all of them soon, especially for Probio-C Spray and the lashes. See you again soon!

Thanks for reading!

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