[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black

This SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black is the latest eyeliner I bought (it was on Tuesday to be exact). I was in Margo City, hunting for Revlon Photo Ready Mousse Foundation (wait for review soon!) when I saw this in Watsons. Being an eyeliner junkie, I couldn’t help myself to buy it *and keep telling myself that I haven’t found my HG eyeliner yet*

Let’s get ready!


Well, this eyeliner is quite cheap. I bought it for 35.000 IDR (around $ 3.50). I notice that many eyeliners have price in this range, so it’s okay for me. You can buy this SILKY GIRL eyeliner in their booths. We can find them in department stores and drugstores, so if you are planning to adopt this baby, just go there. I bought mine at Watsons Margo City Depok.
When you first buy it, it’s still wrapped in plastic where you can find the ingredients, expired date, distributors and maufactured date printed there. Again. When it comes to the package, it’s quite boring because now many eyeliners use this same package (Revlon, Inez, e.l.f, LT Pro, Maybelline, you name it….). The eyeliner itself is quite small. I love it though, it doesn’t need big space in my tiny make-up pouch.

This eyeliner has a felt tip brush, just like Pixy eyeliner (check the review here!). The brush wand isn’t long, which is great so that I can have a steady grip while applying this eyeliner. However, the felt tip brush doesn’t slide smoothly on my eyelids. As a result, I have to make a couple strokes to get a good line.

I can’t predict the consistency of this product, but if I compare it to Pixy, SILKYGIRL liquid eyeliner has thicker consistency. It dries quicky on your eyes too! It is also very pigmented with a matte result. Mind that you have to shake the bottle before applying it.  ^.^


On the first picture (left), I made one line on my hand and waited it dry for 3-5 minutes. As you can see, it’s got a fine matte result which I love so much. Middle picture, I ran tap water on my hand for about 1 minute and there wasn’t any smudge. After under the running water, I dabbed my hand with tissue and rubbed the line (last picture). OH NO! The line faded and slightly smudged. I’m a bit disappointed with this result.

Now let’s see photos when I use this SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof . FYI, I’ve got oily lids.

these photos were taken on Day-1 (the day after I bought it). It stayed all day (FYI, I taught until 9 pm and went home by angkot). At home, I didn’t see any smudges nor faded lines. It was great. Sadly, on Day-2, it didn’t show same result. Here are the photos taken on Friday (23rd August 2013)….

On Friday afternoon, I taught children class where there were 10 little
monsters who kept running around the class for 2 hours. I remember I sweated a lot
when the class ended. Then, I had a date with my hubby who picked me up at TBI, so we went on a date by motorbike.These photos were taken on Friday around 10 pm, directly after I arrived home. It’s obvious that the lines were wearing off and a bit smudge (especially under my right eye). In my opinion, the smudge and wear-off are still tolerable (maybe it happened because I was at the back of motorbike and also because I was sweating a lot).

Despite the fact that it smudges and wear-off when sweating, I think this product is still a catch. I love the felt-tip brush which makes it easy to apply. The sleek and tiny bottle is also good that you needn’t much space. Just be careful when you sweat a lot, dab your eyes with tissue so you can avoid the smudge.

Will I buy this product again? Hmm, I’ll think about it but for now, I will use it for my daily make up. It seems that I’m  still in a hunt of my HG eyeliner.


  • Cheap, can be found in many stores.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Felt-tip brush, makes it easy to apply.
  • Short brush for a steady grip to make precise line.
  • Good pigmentation with matte result.
  • Waterproof (as long as you don’t rub your eyes when they are wet). 


  • The consistency/the felt tip brush (?) doesn’t slide smoothly. 
  • Have to make few strokes to get a full line. 
  • not smudge-proof.
That’s all I can say about this product.
How about you, girls? Have you got the same opinion?
Please share your fave eyeliners! 

7 thoughts on “[REVIEW] SILKY GIRL Double Intense Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof #Blackest Black”

  1. aaah, masa siiih mbak Dine Aisah? *sambil kedip-kedip mata*

    I think all the credits go to Maybelline Mascara deeh…

    thanks udah mlipir…

  2. emang ada berapa warna sis? kirain cuma 1 warna aja, hehhehe

    yaah sayang yaa kalo kena keringet gampang pudar,,
    padahal naksir, huhuhuhu
    *tapi tetep beli aah, hahaha

    1. Kayanya cuma warna hitam sama coklat aja deh say. Aneh memang karena di labelnya ada nomernya (kesannya kaya banyak warna.

      Iya kalau di aku kaya rada wear-off gitu. aku punya oily lids. Mungkin jg karena aku keringetan heboh kali. Tapi masih bisa ditolerir kok menurut aku. Asal pas keringetan jgn diusrek-usrek matanya terus bagian bawah mata langsung dilap sama tissue.

      it works on me ^.^

  3. padahal uda pengen. tapi non waterproof eyeliner a big no no. aku suka nangis kl ngantuk.. bisa brabe jadinya.. yang cair murah tapi nampol kok susah ya cari di pasaran lokal

    1. hai sis, salam kenal…

      hehehe, mungkin kalo pake yang tipe glossy nggak bakalan bleber sis. Cobain Sariayu atau Pixy Liquid Liner aja. Aku pake dua itu terbukti nggak bleber sama sekali. Harga masih dibawah 35 ribuan kok

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