[EVENT REPORT] Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ) Blogger Gathering 2015

Last Sunday, on 29th of April 205, I attended an event from Kawaii Beauty Japan ‘KBJ Blogger Gathering’ (thanks to Tia from utotia.net who invited me to the event! Love you!). The event was held in MOMI & TOY’S Creperie, Lotte Shopping Avenue. At first I was a bit reluctant to come since I didn’t really know the other KBJ bloggers, but hey! This is a gathering! and gathering means I could meet and get to know with the other bloggers. Thank God my husband was willing to drive me there (though I had to bribe him with some food ^.^).

After a long drive from Depok to Jakarta, I finally arrived in Lotte Shopping Avenue safe and sound. I was a bit afraid I was going to be late, but apparently I was on time. Huff… (I’m a very punctual person). Tia greeted me as soon as I came. As to my surprise, she suddenly gave me a present. Huh? A present? It turned out that I was one of the writers on KBJ Writing Competition a couple months ago. I didn’t even know that I was picked. When I had a peep inside the bag, wow, I got a KBJ pen and a ZA Cosmetics blush on! Thanks a bunch KBJ! 
Back to the event report, the event was officially opened with a speech from KBJ Director, Yamato (FYI, he’s handsome!). He talked about the background of KBJ and its mission. The next agenda was a presentation from Wacoal. Wacoal is a brand specialised in intimate apparel like bra, panty, lingerie, and body shape. 

The presentation was really informative and HOT. Yap, it was sizzling HOT because we were talking about underwear that is sexy and seducing! The representative told us how to choose the perfect bra that fits to our body. She explained that bra has also has a lifespan. When you feel that your bra isn’t comfortable to wear (e.g. the straps are loose or the wire sticks up or even broken) then it is time for you to get the new one.  Another lesson I learnt from this presentation that WE MUST TRY THE BRA BEFORE BUYING IT. Oh my gosh! I admit that I rarely try a bra before buying it. I usually only ask for my number and pay it straightaway.  It’s a BIG NO to do. 

Then it was lunch time! Horray! Momy & Toy’s served the best crepes in town! The crepe I had was Tuna Cheese which was delicious and tasty. I wish I could get two portions since I’m breastfeeding #kidding. By the way, during the event, I sat together with Vania (www.angelkawai.com). It was the first time I met her in person and she’s such a lovely person (can’t wait to meet you again!).

Next, Ryu and mbak Uni as representatives from MOMI & TOY’S gave a presentation about their meltingly crepes. MOMI &TOY’S itself is a creperie brand in Japan established in 2005. The secret behind those yummy, delicious crepes is the ingredients. MOMI & TOY’S uses almond powder instead of wheat flour, original whipped cream that is made every one hour so the crepe you have always uses fresh whipped cream, and the crepe is made using high temperature griddle so that the crepe is baked perfectly even.

After the presentation,  they asked us who wanted to try to make the crepe. I instantly rose my hand (and prayed please pick me!). To my surprise, they really picked me! I was really happy to have the opportunity to make and decorate the crepe. Ryu took me to the kitchen and showed me how to move the crepe spreader. Apparently, you have to move it in a specific degree (about 45 degree) so that the crepe dough is spread evenly. Finally! I made the crepe by myself! See how fun it was!

Aaaand… I made it! Ryu said I was great with the spreader that I could make the crepe only with one attempt. After that Ryu gave me instructions how to decorate the crepe I made.

Tadaaaa! I officially made my first crepe with MOMI & TOY’S. Not only I could bring the crepe I made, Ryu also gave me a voucher! Hurray! Thanks a bunch! I really had so much fun making the crepe. It was so mouth-watering!

After the cooking class, we had another presentation from Cow Brand representative, Matsuya-san. I have no idea what is wrong with him, but he gave the most hilarious presentation ever! I couldn’t stop laughing during his presentation. His English isn’t really good (I think he was struggling when he gave the presentation) so that all of us were trying really hard to understand what he was saying. He showed us how to wash your body using body foam. He told us that a good soap is the one which has small particles/bubbles. Small bubbles mean that the soap can make your skin smooth. Not only that, he also gave a great demo of Bouncia, a body foam product from Cow Brand. It was so entertaining!

Before the event ended, mbak Ayu and Tia announced the winner for ‘Live Event Report’ for twitter and Instagram, Shockingly, I won for the Instragam live event report! Omigosh! This day was getting better and better! Yamato himself gave the present to me (he’s adorable!).

Here is the prize I got! Yippie! 

Lastly, we took bunch of photos before the event ended. Kawaii Beauty Japan showered us bloggers with lots of products to bring home. Ulala!

Thank you so much Kawaii Beauty Japan. I really had a great day! Thanks to all sponsors too (Wacoal Indonesia, Cow Brand, MOMI & TOY”S, and Make Over). I’m looking forward to the next gathering!

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